• Instructional videos to learn each exercise correctly, including progressions for all ability levels 
  • Motivational tips and insights videos for habit forming, consistency, and gradually escalating your commitment and degree of difficulty over time  
  • Brad’s complete 40-minute daily routine video, with detailed narration and exercise descriptions

PDF eBooks

  • 50-page Comprehensive Guide to Developing A Winning Morning Exercise RoutineDescription of benefits, how to get started, and how to perform each exercise in each of the three suggested routines (65 different exercises) 
  • Bonus eBook: Amazing FeetsHow to transition to a barefoot-dominant lifestyle  
  • Bonus eBook: Longcuts To A Longer, Healthier Life. Diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management tips

Ongoing Support

  • Email support from expert staff to help you succeed on your journey
  • Guided follow-along audio (mp3 file) for the "Sun Salute Plus Supine Seven" routine

Change Your Life, First Thing In The Morning!

Icons & text

  • Total Body Conditioning

    Comprehensive set of exercises builds functional fitness for all athletic endeavors

  • Healthy Habit-Forming

    Repeating the exact same template of exercises every morning wires the brain for success

  • Fitness Boost

    Raise the platform from which you launch all formal workouts

  • Injury Prevention

    Customized challenges improve weaknesses and boost resiliency

  • Scalable

    Start slow and build your commitment naturally and effortlessly over time

  • All Fitness Levels

    Three suggested routines and numerous variations, from complete novice to extreme athlete

  • Mindset

    Improve focus and discipline in all other areas of life