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    2. Course Description

    3. 90 Day Journal

    4. Primal Endurance Unabridged Audiobook

    5. Primal Endurance Talk Show

    1. Step 1: Slow Down

    2. Step 2: Sleep

    3. Step 3: Balance Out, Chill Out

    4. Step 4: Implement a Primal Eating Strategy

    5. Step 5: Fat Adapted Training

    6. Step 6: Integrate Strength Training

    7. Step 7: Complementary Movement Lifestyle

    8. Step 8: Recovery

    9. Step 9: Release Your Attachment to the Outcome

    10. Podcast Shows

    1. Summary: Slow Down

    2. Hot Topic: Health Benefits of Aerobic Training

    3. Hot Topic: Why We Get Sucked Into The Black Hole

    4. Hot Topic: The Repercussions of Black Hole Training

    5. Hot Topic: Be Patient With Your Aerobic Development

    6. Expert Interview - Gordo Byrn: From Finance To Fitness

    7. Expert Interview - Gordo Byrn: If You Need Sugar You're Working Too Hard

    8. Expert Interview - Gordo Byrn: A Humbling Reality Check And Ultra-man

    9. Expert Interview - Lindsay Taylor: Psychological Challenges of Slowing Down

    10. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: Mark's Endurance Background and Inspirations

    11. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: Stumbling Upon the Magic Training Formula

    12. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: Training to Hurt vs Becoming An Efficient Fat Burner

    13. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: Don't Squander Your Best Performance on Workout

    14. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: Real Talk on Reader Feedback

    15. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: Slow Down and Train Aerobic

    16. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: Being Strict With Your MAF Training

    17. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: The Importance of Warming Up

    18. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: Disciplining the Ego and Slowing Down to Go Faster

    19. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: The MAF Test

    20. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: Rapid Fire Q&A

    21. Practical Tip: Conducting the MAF Test

    22. Podcast Show: Intro and Chapter 1 Summary

    23. Podcast Show: Brad Kearns on Aerobic Base Building

    24. Podcast Show: Determining Your Maximum Aerobic Heart Rate

    25. Podcast Show: Brad Kearns on The Importance of Aerobic Base Building

    26. Podcast Show: Phil Maffetone, Part 1

    27. Podcast Show: Phil Maffetone, Part 2

    28. Podcast Show: Phil Maffetone, Part 3

    29. Podcast Show: Dr. Phil Maffetone

    1. Summary: Balance Out, Chill Out

    2. Hot Topic: Weekly Schedules Are Weak

    3. Hot Topic: The Evolution of Brad's Training Schedule

    4. Hot Topic: Having The Discipline To Take an Unplanned Rest Day

    5. Expert Interview - Andrew MacNaughton: The Intuitive Athlete's Mentality

    6. Expert Interview - Andrew MacNaughton: HRV Heart Rate And Cycling Watts

    7. Expert Interview - Debbie Potts: Why Scheduled Workouts Can Be A Bad Idea

    8. Expert Interview - Gordo Byrn: Lessons From Stage Training Camp

    9. Expert Interview - Gordo Byrn: The RIGHT Kind Of Consistency

    10. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: Breakthrough Workouts And Ditching The Weekly Schedule

    11. Expert Interview - Michellie Jones: Athlete Silver To Coaching Gold

    12. Expert Interview - Michellie Jones: Being Your Own Coach When Things Don't Go As Planned

    13. Expert Interview - Michellie Jones: Her Approach - Low Volume, High Intensity, Lots Of Rest

    14. Expert Interview - Michellie Jones: The Seven Minute Test

    15. Expert Interview - Michellie Jones: When To Divert From The Training Plan

    16. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: The Aerobic Base Building Period

    17. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: Reducing Training Stress

    18. Expert Interview - Tawnee Prazak: Pros And Cons Of Logging And Tracking

    19. Expert Interview - Tim DeBoom: Two Time Ironman World Champion

    20. Expert Interview - Tim DeBoom: Learning To Rest

    21. Expert Interview - Tim DeBoom: Becoming Intuitive

    22. Practical Tip: Periodizaton - The Aerobic Base Building Period

    23. Practical Tip: Periodizaton - Introducing Intensity Competition

    24. Practical Tip: Periodizaton - Micro-Periods

    25. Practical Tip: Periodizaton - The Extended Rest Period

    26. Podcast Show: Chapter 2 Summary

    27. Podcast Show: Brad Kearns and Brock Armstrong

    28. Podcast Show: Ronda Collier

    29. Podcast Show: Inconsistency is key - Brad's Training Schedule Case Study

    30. Podcast Show: Olympic Bronze Medalist Nick Willis's "Simply Running" Approach

    31. Podcast Show: Struggle And Suffer

    1. Chapter 3 Summary: Primal Eating Strategy

    2. Hot Topic - Eliminating Grains Sugar and Bad Oils

    3. Hot Topic - Emphasize High Fat Nutrient Dense Foods

    4. Hot Topic - Dialing In Optimal Carbohydrate Intake

    5. Hot Topic - A Tale of Two Breakfasts

    6. Hot Topic - A Tale Of Two Snacks

    7. Expert Interview - Cate Shanahan: Her Own Health Journey

    8. Expert Interview - Cate Shanahan: Why Athletes Should Avoid Sugar

    9. Expert Interview - Cate Shanahan: Bringing Deep Nutriton To The LA Lakers

    10. Expert Interview - Cate Shanahan: Dwight Howard's Kryptonite

    11. Expert Interview - Cate Shanahan: Using Hunger To Escape Carbohydrate Dependency

    12. Expert Interview - Cate Shanahan: Going Deep On Bad Vegetable Oils

    13. Expert Interview - Cate Shanahan: Deep Nutrition

    14. Expert Interview - Gordo Byrn: Setting The Bar Low For Nutrition Success

    15. Expert Interview - Johnny G: The Fat Burning OG

    16. Expert Interview - Michellie Jones: Training Your Race Day Nutrition

    17. Expert Interview - Nell Stephenson: Helping Clients Transition To Primal Eating

    18. Expert Interview - Nell Stephenson: Reducing Excess Body Fat

    19. Expert Interview - Nora Gedgaudas: Gaining A Primal Edge By Regulating Blood Sugar

    20. Expert Interview - Nora Gedgaudas: The Roles Of Leptin And Insulin

    21. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: Diet

    22. Expert Interview - Phil Maffetone: How A Healthy Diet Improves Performance

    23. Expert Interview - Tawnee Prazak: Female Specific Challenges Of Going Low Carb

    24. Expert Interview - Tawnee Prazak: How To Know If Things Are Going Right Or Wrong

    25. Expert Interview - Tawnee Prazak: Female Specific Guidelines For Reducing Excess Body Fat

    26. Expert Interview - Tawnee Prazak: How To Become Intuitive With Carbohydrate Intake

    27. Expert Interview - Tawnee Prazak: The Athletes Relationship With Food

    28. Expert Interview - Ted McDonald: Becoming Fat Adapted

    29. Practical Tip: Making A Primal Smoothie

    30. Practical Tip: Nell Stephenson's Go-To Veggie Recipes

    31. Practical Tip: Recipe - Brad's Energy Balls

    32. Practical Tip: Recipe - Primal Flan

    33. Practical Tip: Recipe - Primal Oatmeal

    34. Practical Tip: Recipe - Stu Can't Stop Bark

    35. Podcast Show: Primal Eating Step 1 - Ditch grains, sugars and refined oils

    36. Podcast Show: Primal Eating Step 2 - Commit to Primal Foods

    37. Podcast Show: Transitioning to a Nutrient-Dense Diet

    38. Podcast Show: Rewiring Your Appetite Hormones

    39. Podcast Show: Dr. Cate Shanahan and Luke Shanahan

    40. Podcast Show: Dr. Cate Shanahan, Part 1

    41. Podcast Show: Dr. Cate Shanahan, Part 2

    42. Podcast Show: Nell Stephenson

    1. Chapter 4 Summary: Ketogenic Endurance Training

    2. Hot Topic - Rewiring Your Appetite Hormones

    3. Hot Topic - How Rob Hogan Recalibrated His Appetite Hormones

    4. Hot Topic - How To Get Started With Ketogenic Endurance Training

    5. Expert Interview - Cate Shanahan: Leveraging Exercise To Rewire Appetite Hormones

    6. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: The Advantages of Being A Ketogenic Endurance Athlete

    7. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: Tips For Transitioning To Keto

    8. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: Reducing Oxidative Stress And Becoming Metabolically Efficient

    9. Expert Interview - Mark Sisson: How And Why He Uses Ketosis Intermittently

    10. Expert Interview - Nell Stephenson: How She Became A Keto Adapted Athlete

    11. Expert Interview - Nell Stephenson: Tips For Becoming Keto Adapted

    12. Expert Interview - Nora Gedgaudas: Ketone Supplements

    13. Expert Interview - Nora Gedgaudas: Intermittent Ketosis And How Many Carbs Can I Get Away With

    14. Expert Interview - Zach Bitter: The Ultimate Fat Burning Beast

    15. Expert Interview - Zach Bitter: Making The Transition To Fat Adapted Training

    16. Expert Interview - Zach Bitter: The FASTER Study

    17. Expert Interview - Zach Bitter: Balancing Ketogenic Training With Race Preparation

    18. Podcast Show: Chapters 3&4 Summary

    19. Podcast Show: Speedgolf World Champ Rob Hogan

    20. Podcast Show: Ultramarathon Champion Zach Bitter

    21. Podcast Show: Ultramarathon Champion Timothy Olson

    22. Podcast Show: Ketogenic Endurance Training

    23. Podcast Show: Ketogenic Eating Strategy

    24. Podcast Show: Benefits of Going Keto

    25. Podcast Show: Going Keto - Practical Steps

    26. Podcast Show: More On Ketogenic Eating

    27. Podcast Show: Long-Term Eating Strategies

    28. Podcast Show: Personal Keto Experiment, Part 1

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